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July 9, 2013
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"We're Just Monsters"
(Yvette's Perspective)

       I wake up to a new day to create something new, it has been my new passion since I had taken over the factory several months ago, Mein Gott it's actually a year! Surprised in my thoughts as the rest of my body stretches over the bed sheets as I rise to my feet with a little stumble, but still standing. Getting dressed in the usual attire, but a new addition to my wardrobe; Opa's labcoat, it was perfect for me, such an elegant and intelligent image it presented me as. Making one foot walk in front of the other, I stroll upon the lab. "Ahh! Svuch a wvondervul day to bve making some schokolade!" My voice projects throughout the enormous room, ringing Candybat's sonar to happily awake him knowing I was up and about. His presence flew down to face me, "Gutten Morgen Miss Yvette! Up early I svee! Shokolade thvis morgen?" I smiled warmly at him, "Ja! I am craving svome, wvhy not join me Candyvat?" Taking my offer instantly, a cloud of luminescent smoke blurred my vision as his figured appeared to me. His long lanky body, his warm, inviting gaze, he was my only and best friend, he was and will always be here for me. He smiles as his hand reaches and grasps the cocoa beans and begins to crush them with a mortar and pestle, pouring the remains into a mixing bowl. "Can Yvou bevlieve it Candyvat?" I watch my claws moving the ingredients like ocean waves within the bowl, he looks at me curiously, "Wvhatever do yvou mean Miss Yvette?" He softly responds, "Thvat it's been abvout a year since wve have been together..since I made yvou..I, I am zo elated!" Looking at my claws as they begin to slow their movement and the concoction begins to thicken; it was ready to bake. He grabs the bowl as I pull my claws out, some of the chocolate mixture still stuck to them so I start to lap the sweet, sugary liquid like a cat drinking water, for this was a treat to myself every time I make the delectable milky treat! He laughs at me and pours it all into a pan, to finally resting on top of a bubbling beaker. "Now the awfvul part! Wvaiting.." I groan as his eyes dazzle mine, "So, wvhere are you getting at wvith tvhe year statement?" He demanded an answer, his facial expression showed it all, and I was nervous, how would I tell him that over the years he seems more than what he is to me? It was impossible at this point in time to tell him the truth..I don't have the will power..not I must come up with a lie, a little fib, just for now until I'm ready..yeah!
       "Wvell, I wvould be avlone wvithout you..I wvould have no vone..bvut wvhen I made you, tvhat fear is long gone all because of you" I choke up on my words, "you're like a brother to me Candyvat, I jvust wvanted to let you know thvat.." I did it..It didn't feel so great and my heart was aching through my chest. His face darkened and that charming smile seemed to fade away for a moment before it came back with a huge grin, "wvell, if I am like your brother! I shvould treat you like a sister!" He fluttered closer to me with his wings and began to tickle the undersides of my arms as I writhed and wiggled with laughter, falling to the floor with him hovering over me, so I yelp for him to stop but he presses on for several minutes more, not heeding my cries; tears now flowing from my eyes until; BANG! Fragments of glass that was once the beaker shot out in all directions over our heads, we had forgotten about the chocolate. I quickly stand up and panic to see the mess it created, the runny hot liquid drips over top of the counter, "ahhh Mein Gott!" I shout with disappointment as he stands up and comforts me by resting his cold palm upon my shoulder, "It's okay Miss Yvette, I wvill make you a new batch, okay?" He reassured me and sat myself in the rolling office chair as he grabbed all the ingredients and began the process over until they were properly prepared and finished. He hands me a fresh piece as my tongue drags against it and the solid became liquid within seconds due to my unique saliva but I was truly in a state of bliss; he smiled at me and took a piece for himself and sat on the table top and chewed away, "Is it gut?" He asked nervously as I chuckled, "it's delvicious Candyvat! I could eat thvis all day!" I respond in delight and craving for more!  "Can I have more?" I ask politely "No, you're goving to eat it all!" He throws a joke at me but I become a bit upset, "aww, wvhy nvot?" I moaned in depression, "nvot even a vittle bite?" I begged as he gives into my pleas and starts to feed me bits and chunks of luscious chocolate, "fine, just because I cannot svee you svad Miss.." His face looks upon mine as I noticed slight formations of pink within the depths of his cheeks, does he like me too? Nein, He is my best friend, my companion, should I make a move? What if I mess up? What if he rejects it? Nein..I cannot embarrass myself..But in his mind, little did I know, he was thinking the same thing..
       As the day passes on, more and more hints have been telling me he might have some feelings for me. I observed and taken my notes, like when we were baking cupcakes earlier he decides to place some frosting  on the tip of my nose, and he licks it clean. I began to blush madly but it makes me question if he's just being brotherly or if he really feels the way I do..So many conflicting emotions that I cannot even comprehend what my thoughts are going through, full of confusion. But would a brother do such a slight romantic gesture? Or later on after that he gazed into my eyes for a minute but it felt as if we were just talking, making conversation with our vision, I can't explain it, the science I know isn't to help me decipher these, thoughts, this is all so new to me..Mein Gott! What about that time today he pulled me in from my hips into a how you say, long embrace! My brain was having a battle within my cranium and it was destroying me! I need to know his answer! B-but, I am still afraid if I tell him how I truly feel..he'll deny them and we would be broken for the rest of our lives! I hate this, I am causing myself an early grave over someone!'s him, he's the only friend for me, he's so dear to me, I cannot have him just leave me because of how my heart feels and yearns for his touch against my skin! NEIN! I WILL TELL HIM TONIGHT!! I HAVE TO!! I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE AFTERMATH!! My feelings need to get spilled and I will have my moment!! I finally calmed the storm inside my mind, it was decided and done. "Tonivght, I wvill have my chance!" I cheered myself on, hoping that the will power comes to me when I finally declare it, my true feelings for him.
       The sun begins to fade as the moon shines to reveal night, my nerves erupt underneath my skin, I tremble and wish him a good night..I couldn't do it; I failed to tell him. I ran upstairs and slammed my door in a hurry so he couldn't see what state of depression I was in, I knew he was watching my every move, as if he was waiting for something from me, looking like he desired for whatever it was. Taking my lab coat off I push my face into one of the pillows and shed a few tears, I was blaming myself for being too weak..a few minutes of silence pass as I manage to gets myself to stand and began undressing, slowly and with great feeling of failure, as I reveal my favorite pair of undergarments, a soft shade of pink with purple frill, I checked myself in the full body mirror glancing on my weak stature; KNOCK KNOCK! I pause to stare silently at the door, "Miss Yvette, please lvet me in! I mvust speak wvith you right avway!" He yelled and clashed his fist against her door once more, "Candyvat...Nein, I am in no mood to tvalk right nvow.." He presses his face against the door, he speaks softly, "Miss..please..I need to know somethving!" When he spoke, I knew what he wanted to know, to me is was now obvious. I rush for the door and open it, his presence looms over mine, his eyes staring into my soul and sends shivers down my spine, "Wvhat do you wvant to know Candyvat?" He forces me into a corner of my room, I feel petrified.."Miss..." His eyes soften at mine, "Candyvat, I have somethving to tell you.." "I knvow you do! I knvow you very wvell Miss Yvette.." I begin to choke on my words again, he puts a single fingertip against my lips, "shhhh..You dvon't have to tell me anythving." He pulls me in close, wrapping his arms around my waist as our hips make contact, "jvust, lvet me do everything.." he whispers in my ear as he flies us to my bed side. My heart races as all my feeling, all of my thoughts are being poured out at this very moment; he loves me and not just in a brotherly way. Putting a bit of pressure on my shoulders with his palms, I become like putty in his hands as I make contact with my bed sheets as his chest firmly pushes against mine, his lips make an encounter with mine and for the very first time, I felt the emotion for he will be my first, and he will be my last. After his mouth released from my own and our eyes caught one another's I whispered, "Ich Liebe Dich...Candyvat" His eyes lit up like fireworks, kissing me sweetly a few more times, "Ich Liebe Dich...Miss Yvette" he responded lightly as his hands began to travel up and down my sides and once more our lips connected, however in due time it slowly picked up progression. His tongue broke through my jaws as they danced around one another, with a sharp pain while his nails dig through my sides; I moan in pain with our faces still attached yet he smiles, staring at me, "I'm svorry Miss..shvould I stovp?" He cuts himself off of me, feelings of concern rush through his body as I simply smile and run the tips of my claws against his cheek, "Donv't wvorry, I am nervous, ja, bvut I have bveen wvaiting fvor this...fvor a wvhile nvow.." I made sure he understood with landing a small kiss upon his cheek after I put his mind to ease. He blushed as I did, and firmly grips one of my breasts; he begins to massage it as my breath became heavy into a pant, he resumed grinding his gears against mine, my back starts to arch in result and his breath begins to thicken as well. He pauses for a moment and to my surprise starts unbuttoning his jacket and his shirt, with his bow and threw them aside, still with belted pants to cover the excitement he was containing for me. We move further into the middle of the bed, I paused to find his tongue dragging against my neck I dug my claws into his back as it made him react with a large groan as he bit his bottom lip and sunk his fangs, drawing my green blood and contentedly sucked my fluids out; "MEIN GOTT!" I moaned as my toes curled and my body writhed with his, "mnn, yvou taste sehr gut my Miss.." He groans as it whispers to my ears, for some reason when he said this a whole wave of shock went into my spine, I was excited..
       "Oh Candyvat..wvhere wvould I bve without you?" I spoke in short breaths as he laid on his side running his fingers up and down my stomach, both of our faces almost a pure red from all of the commotion we were causing, "I dvon't knvow wvhere I wvould be without you Miss.." his hands move down to the inside of my thigh he slowly drags his nails up to the crevasse in my leg and lets go, and repeats this a few more times, my body starts to tremble as well with my voice, "C-Candyvat.." I cooed and his face drew to mine, "wvhat is it Miss? You vlike thvat?" He drags his nails once more on the sweet spot as it makes me instantaneously moan out the words, "y-yess.." my face is now an apple red, he stops himself and kisses my lips instead, "bvut it is wvay past yvour bvedtime Miss!" He states as I let out a large groan, "b-bvut.." I sighed, "No bvuts Miss! It's time to tvuck you in!" He places me in the center and gracefully wraps my sheets around my body, kisses my forehead and turns out the light so that the moon can illuminate the room. Standing over my body he wishes me a good night however, I grab his hand and pull him onto my bedside, "Candyvat...I wvant you to sleep wvith me.." His expression widened as he tugs on his hair, "you...wv-wv-wvhat?" "Sleep wvith you!" "Sleeping, as in.." "NEIN! sleep wvith me, stop sleeping in the lab, you bevlong wvith me.." I demand as he smiles, and finally taking off his pants to reveal a soft orange shade of boxers and looks shyly at me as he gets under the covers with me. "Wvhat is wvrong?" I ask, "Nv-Nvothing..I like thvis..a lot bvetter tvhan tvhe lab!" He chuckles and pulls me in close as if he was reeling in a fish on a hooked line, inviting cold skin but over time we both warmed up and slowly drifted off into dreams consisting of love and romance; remember, we're just monsters afterall..



this was meant to be fucking adorable, and risky

the cover art, i drew and here's the link below..


(c)Yvette, Candybat, Story, & Artwork- *corgi-moon-pies
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rockstar675 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
it was wrote very well easy to read and flows nicely -turn on turn on now go to bed lol-priceless
corgicakes Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
CB is like..


Yvette is highly disappointed
GingaAkam Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Professional General Artist
:iconclapplz: I think you did an amazing job :D

Kind makes me want to write something like this :iconhurrplz: hurr hurr

But I'm not very good at romance like this :I not to mention no plot ideas at all. But still, awesome :D
corgicakes Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
oh my..

Sadie & Kage!!
; A;

aww...thank you!
i can't believe i missed this comment!!

GingaAkam Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Professional General Artist
:3 that's alright; I also often miss or accidentally delete comments XD
Muffycake Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome !
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corgicakes Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
i'm not a genius
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i will give myself that

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Muffycake Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're VERY talented dear ! :3
corgicakes Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
; A;
Amanda209 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Student Artist
OHOHOHO~ I love the last two paragraphs! :XD:
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